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Woolrich's story was born in the distant 1830, in America, at the hands of the Englishman John Rich, with the aim of creating warm, functional and versatile garments.
In fact, having arrived in Philadelphia from Liverpool, Rich, taking advantage of his knowledge of wool, as the son of a weaver, immediately managed to make his fortune by seeing woolen garments, first, and the famous duvets, then, of fundamental importance in the harsh American winters.
The idea behind the American brand is also reflected in the Woolrich Bambino collections: the company proposes, in fact, a clothing line with a high technical content, without ever compromising on style, and always putting its mission into practice, i.e. create "Garnment with a purpose"; and Woolrich's goal is to ensure that the garments can keep the wearer warm and protected (not for nothing at Pitti Uomo, the slogan promoted by the company was precisely "Woolrich keeps you warm, dry and protected ").