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Philipp Plein is the rebel and rock spirit of the fashion world. The German designer since 2004 proposes a unique, exclusive and luxury fashion style. His distinctive features are decorations with studs, crystal skulls and leather. Extravagance has become his calling card. He understood that if he wanted to be successful he had to do something different, otherwise no one would recognize him. He says about his brand: “ I’m not Coca-Cola, I’m not for everybody. I’m for one per cent of the people. I’m Coca-Cola with whisky. That’s the difference.” The junior line realizes Plein’s desire to live fashion as a glamorous game: exuberant colors, out-of-the-ordinary prints, shimmering details and monochrome leather reveal his punk spirit.

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Philipp Plein Kids - Luxury Italian Kidswear - Baby/Kid/Teen
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