Fendi and Fila


Fendi and Fila

The collaboration between brands is something that excites us a lot, especially when they arise between sports companies and luxury brands, as they have done Fendi and Fila.

Fendi and Fila
Fendi and Fila
The story of this collaboration comes from the work of the Scottish artist Reilly (on Instagram as @ hey_reilly), who had devoted part of his time to creating memes and collages where he unified faces of celebrities and logos of various brands in a single image, which often become viral on the web.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, (creative director of accessories and menswear at the firm) discovered the work of the artist and immediately fell in love, so much so that she decided to share it with Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of Fendi), to discuss it.

 Karl Lagerfeld Creative Director of Fendi thought it was such an innovative proposal, that in fact he decided to contact the artist through DM Instagram to invite him to collaborate with him for the launch of a capsule collection, which would include Reilly's work.

 It's great how social networks can help young talents to go so far and make their work an event capable of being embodied in clothing. Once again fashion and art come together to make history

The official launch of #FENDIMANIA, the name of this collection is expected from October 16 in several parts of the world.

clicking on the images you will be able to see the Fendi Baby clothes collections, the beautiful Fendi bags with iconic FF

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