Logomania: A trend born in the 80s is back!

It disappeared, was gone, we thought it was finished. It was considered out of place and not chic at all . And then, as always happens in fashion, it reappeared, shining more than ever. Today, we find ourselves craving for stocks with the allover Fendi logo, Versace belt with the medusa ...
Once upon a time: That exquisitely nineties philosophy in which the basic was elected more cool, and logo was banned . Now the trend is going totally in the opposite direction, it goes towards a logomania that becomes almost obsession.
In a few word, the time has come to let go the idea of minimalism. Moreover, even if it is true that often "less is more", it is equally true that, as Frank Lloid Wright said, "Less is more when more is no good".

Activewear: When sport became trendy!

Luxury fashion collections are stealing jogging pants and sweatshirts from the gym! Here's how activewear is redesigned, with glamorous details and irresistible "mix and match", to conquer the city streets.
Mix, juxtapose, and above all, have fun! Here are the golden rules for wearing activewear in the city.
Sporty is the new classic, a perfect mirror for the contemporary woman, always fast and on the move. And fashion must follow it, support it, enhance it!

Halloween: The scariest time of the year is just around the corner

Like every year at the end of October the houses begin to be adorned with pumpkin-shaped lanterns and the children goes around disguised as monsters in the streets, knocking from door to door, shouting "Trick or treat?".
Halloween party has now been celebrated around the globe for decades and it has also taken hold in Italy although its origins are found within the Celtic tradition. The popular Calabrese tradition wants the poor to bring messages to the dead because they are considered immune to death. For this reason, early in the morning of the day of the dead, dishes are prepared, such as buns of baked bread and dried figs to be given to the less fortunate so that they can act as intermediaries.