Save The Duck Kids Collection

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The brand's mission is to create garments that respect the environment and animals, looking to the future and respecting the present.
Eco-sustainability, irony and cruelty free are the main features of Save the Duck kids, the now famous brand of the duck that goes whistling, with a drop of sweat on the forehead, after having escaped the plucking, which expresses the whole side ironic of the new outerwear concept, introduced by Nicolas Bargi.
The brand was born in 1914 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Foresto Bargi, a tailor who starts by sewing men's jackets.
Today, in addition to men and women, he has also created the children's collection: no goose feathers, bright colors, refined materials, trendy lines and stylish details; down jackets made of ultra-thin nylon, with synthetic padding (Plumtech) able to give warmth, softness and greater lightness to the garment.