Kenzo Kids and Teen Collection

Kenzo Tiger - Kenzo Jumper Kids - Kenzo Sale

Kenzo Kids proposes the unmistakable prints and the bright colors of the adult collections, embodying the same vibrant and playful spirit.
The unexpected use of colors and patterns makes each garment fun and fashionable.
Founded in Paris in 1970 by the Japanese stylist Kenzo Takada,
the brand passes under the artistic direction of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim in July 2011.
A creative revolution and a return to origins at the same time, which brings back the vibrant style inspired by nature .
From the mythical tiger head sweatshirt to funny fantasy garments, the little ones have a perfect wardrobe for the modern "jungle".
You can find the beautiful Kenzo Kids Clothes, the adorable Kenzo Baby t shirts and 
Kenzo Jumper Kids with the Kenzo Tiger, Kenzo Eye T shirt and Accessories Baby or Visit our Outlet for Kenzo Kids Sale.