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Cookies are small files that are sent to your browser and stored on your device when you visit a website like CAROFIGLIOJUNIOR.COM. Cookies allow efficient operation of the site, optimizing the browsing experience by remembering user’s preferences. They also provide information to the owner of the site for statistical purposes or advertising.

Cookie Type and Purpose

CAROFIGLIOJUNIOR.COM uses different kind of cookies and similar technologies, each with a specific function:

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow you to be recognized by CAROFIGLIOJUNIOR.COM, so that you do not have to enter data, such as language, every time you visit it. These cookies allow registered users to be recognized and to access services in dedicated areas. These cookies improve the quality and experience of navigation.

CAROFIGLIOJUNIOR.COM and Third-party Statistical Cookies

These cookies are used for statistical analysis on your navigation of the website. The results of these analyses are used anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes. The site uses some third-party services which may install their own cookies indipendently.

Third-party Profiling Cookies

These cookies are used to create user’s profile with the purpose of sending commercial messages according to the preferences expressed during visits to the site, or to improve your shopping experience and navigation. Third-party cookies are those sent by trusted companies, and allow us to provide commercial offerings on other affiliated websites (retargeting). CAROFIGLIOJUNIOR.COM does not control the information provided by third-party cookies and does not have access to the data. This information is completely controlled by third-parties as described in their respective privacy policy.

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